Want to try your erotic session in a virtual world?

I offer virtual sex sessions in both Second Life and Red Light Center. My pricing for both is below. My username on second life is sarabimaraj. My username on RLC is sarabimaraj.

Payment must be received before the session will begin. Payments are accepted through the virtual world’s virtual currency.

Does my availability icon show that I’m available? If so, message me in the virtual world of your choice so we can get started.

Second Life Rates

I have toys, do oil shows, play with my honey pot, tease you, and more. I do not do anal.

SPECIAL RATE: Join my group and receive a discount!

Camming Rates:

5 min shows 5,000 L
10 min shows 7,500L
15 min shows 10,500L
20 min shows 13,000L
30 mins shows 18,500L
1 hour shows 33,000L

Just want to see my boobs on cam?
5 min shows 4,500L
10 min shows 6,000L
15 min shows 9,500L
20 min shows 12,000L
30 mins shows 16,500L
1 hour shows 30,500L

My voice escorting rates are:
10 min 2500L
15min 3500L
30min 5500L
45min 7500L
60min 9500L
Ten 20 min. sessions – 80,000L

Text escorting rates:

10 min 2000L
15 min 3000L
30 min 5000L
45 min 7000L
60 min 9000L

Custom Audio

2500/minute – 5 minute minimum

Personalized Erotic Stories created by me featuring you as one of the character’s

Creation of story is L8000 plus 2500/minute for each audio minute it takes to record.

Purchase 5 – 5 minute mp3’s receive a picture of me for free ?

Non-Sexual Companionship/ Companion Date
(60min Minimum)
60min with No Voice 3500L
60min with Voice 6500L
*Should you wish to change this at any point to a “Happy Ending” then you shall be asked for an additional fee.

Join My Exclusive Kik Club
Receive exclusive pics and teasers
Contact me to sign up!

My voice escorting rates are:
10 min 2500L
15min 3500L
30min 5500L
45min 7500L
60min 9500L
Ten 20 min. sessions – 80,000L

Purchase Access To My Naughty Diary
Updated a couple of times a week w/ my adventures
Contact me to sign up
Lifetime access fee L 20,000 one time fee!

10mins 2500L
Topless add 1000L
Nude add 1500L
Happy Ending add 2000L for 10 more min

Panties cost 15,000L/pair. Join my group and receive a discount!

The ultimate girlfriend experience is a customizable package that starts at 15k.

*All fetish pics and videos cost an extra L$500 per pic/ per minute


Custom Video Clips
Anything goes except for scat, anal, and bestiality.
Cost: 1000L/minute

Sets- 15,000L- 11 pictures – These are not custom picture sets
These are sets I already have.

Private Text chat in IM
(No private room, No animation, No voice)
1000L for 5 minutes

Custom pictures
Lingerie – L$3000
Full body w/lingerie – L$4000
Breasts and booty pics are my specialty ?

Stripping Rates
Topless 500L
Naked 1000L

Lap Dance / Private Poledance
10 mins 2000L
Topless add 1000L
Nude add 1500L
Happy Ending add 2500L for 10 more min

Want something you don’t see listed?

Reach out and send me an email with your request and I will review it. If I decide to accept it, I will email you back with rate and scheduling info. 

Red Light Center Rates

Virtual Sex
300 rays for every 15 minutes this is with voice.

Texting Sessions
10 rays/minute

Custom Videos
130 rays/minute
250 rays for 4 pictures

Custom written Erotic – 700 rays for your own personal story. Want me to record the story as a mp3? 40 rays/minute

The girlfriend experience is a custom package that starts out at 700 rays and goes up from there. You get daily pictures, video teasers, messages, and more!