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Below you can learn more about what services I offer and estimated costs for them. All projects are quoted on an individual basis to ensure you never pay for more than you need and that your project package is tailored to your requirements.

NiteFlirt Listing Design

Basic NiteFlirt Listing Design: $75

Includes custom graphic header, layout, up to 4 pictures with basic optimization, resizing, placed, and watermarked and up to 5 animated buttons. Additional elements or more advanced designs are available (see below). This is a great option if you are looking for a starter listing without a lot of embellishment.

Basic NiteFlirt Listing Design + Banner: $90

Includes everything in the Basic Listing package, plus 1 animated banner to match your new design.

Advanced NiteFlirt Listing Design: By quote

Advanced listing designs are available by quote only. Advanced listings consist of everything included in the Basic Listing Package, but can include a more advanced layout, additional graphics, additional editing of your pictures, additional buttons, menus, and other customization. What is included depends on your specific needs and is quoted as such. Contact me to discuss any needs you have beyond the basic listing and to receive a quote.

Individual Graphics:

Animated Button Sets (up to 5): $20+

Non-animated Button Sets (up to 5): $15

Animated Banner: $25

Non-Animated Banner: $15

Listing/Group Headers: $45+

Photo Optimizations:

Photo optimizations can often make a huge difference on your listings. Improved lighting, blemish removal, overall quality enhancement and more can take average looking photos and make them shine. Every photo or photo set is unique, as well as individual client needs, so the prices below are basic estimates. Your total quote will be given to you after your photos and needs have been asses as well as after you have received an optimized sample to assure your satisfaction with results.

Basic Quality Optimization: By quote based on initial photo quality and quantity of images. Discounts are available for batch orders.

An optimization process specifically for improving the overall appearance of your image(s).

Basic Individual Edits: By quote based on initial photo quality, editing/optimization needs, and quantity of images. Discounts are available for batch orders.

These can include any combination of the following services – resizing, watermarking, color tinting (giving your images a specified color tone), adding of text, removing red-eye, or adding of borders etc.

Advanced Photo Editing: By Quote

Advanced photo editing is done on a quote by quote basis and can include any combination of edits and optimizations as well as advanced edits such as blemish removal, special effects, background removal, and more.  Your photos will be reviewed and your needs discussed before quoting.

Custom HMTL/CSS Website

HTML sites are by quote only. Costs vary depending on your needs, from affordable starter packages to full featured multi-girl sites.

Full WordPress Theme Customization

There are a number of great free and premium themes out there, but none of them are YOURS. Branding your blog with your own unique design can be a great way to gain the attention of your target caller and really make an impression.

WordPress Base Package 1: $250+

Full theme customization of a basic theme including custom header and color styling. Exact pricing depends on the complexity of the design you want. Full packages including the design and setup of pages and elements like galleries or forms are done by quote. 

WordPress Base Package 2: $300+

Includes everything in package 1, plus matching splash page (enter/exit/disclaimer) design and animated banner. Exact pricing depends on the complexity of the design you want. Full packages including the design and setup of pages and elements like galleries or forms are done by quote.

Custom WordPress Packages: By quote

Custom packages are available by quote and can include any combination of services list above and/or additional services such as post importing, plugin installation and customization, page design and creation, settings adjustments, tutoring, etc. Contact me for a quote.

Individual Customizations and Services:

Header Only: $45+

Custom designed header image designed to the dimensions/specifications of your existing theme header.

Matching Animated Banner: $25 ($20 when booked with a package)

Non-Animated Banner: $15 ($10 when booked with a package)

Individual Graphics/Logo: By quote

Site Maintenance: $20 and up

Site maintenance can include but is not limited to: WordPress updating, WordPress plugin updates, installation, and management of security plugin, comment/SPAM monitoring, Maintenance can be purchased as a one time service or as a monthly plan with repeat billing.

Individual WordPress Services: By quote

Individual services are available on a quote by quote basis and can include: code editing, CSS adjustments (color, font sizing, etc), post importing, plugin installation and customization, page creation, settings adjustments, etc. Contact me for a quote.

Blog Posts/Content Writing: Blog posts and other written content services will be quoted on an individual basis depending on your needs and frequency (one time versus ongoing plan). Plans are available for a specific amount of posts per week or per month.

Training and Tutoring

Basic WordPress training includes the basics of posting, linking, editing, and adding images to your posts. From there, we can move into other – more advanced – topics, covering the things you want to know about in-depth.

Sessions are conducted over the phone and can include screen sharing when necessary.

WordPress Training is $50 per one-hour session and $30 for a half hour session. Scheduling must be done at least 48 hours in advance and is done on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested in any services not listed above, please feel free to reach out to me using the form below. I will always do my best to accommodate you if I can and will never accept any task I feel I am not sufficiently qualified to perform. 

Please note: All prices are base prices/estimates for typical requests. Any request involving additional time, labor, or effort beyond the typical amount will be quoted ahead of time. I work hard to quote accurately at the beginning of a project and when you add any additional requests so that you do not need to worry about unforeseen additional costs. See my Terms of Service for additional info. 

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